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Welcome to my little artistic corner of the internet. My name is Jessica Burt and I am a full-time portrait and wedding photographer based out of northern NY. I was born and raised here, where we are surrounded by lakes, rivers, forests, fields, gorgeous sunsets and snow... a LOT of snow. I grew up four-wheeling, riding bikes and playing dress up with my sister, fishing and hunting with my dad, raising hundreds of random pets and doing crafts with my mom, and throwing theme parties and causing trouble with everyone else.  Now I'm an adult and I still do all of those things, alongside of my two beautiful but mouthy daughters - Jovie (6) and Colie (4). 

When I was younger I would spend hours drawing, crafting or painting. My sister and I would design costumes and act out elaborate (very dramatic) sagas. My cousin and I would write articles for our imaginary newspaper and I would type short novels on my mom's antique computer. I've always been a storyteller, but it wasn't until my twenties when a camera became my medium. Fast forward seven years, and I'm now the owner of a successful business that allows me to bring my stories to life.

If you book with me, you aren't getting a traditional session with a few awkward poses. You are getting a chance to laugh, chase your children, embrace your loved ones, dance in a field, stand in the wind and run through the waves, all while having it captured through my lens. I'm extremely extroverted and I love people, so I promise to make the entire experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

My other passion in life is fighting for injustice and defending the weak and oppressed. I own a social enterprise called rePURPOSE Accessories, which takes up most of my free time. We make accessories out of used items and all of the profits go towards the fight against human trafficking. Since starting the business, I have been able to hire refugee women to help make our products. You should check it out here: rePURPOSE Accessories

Business Experience

I have always been a creative and crafty person. I graduated from Houghton College with a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design. I got my first job straight out of college working for Oswego County Tourism, doing web design, advertising, marketing, writing press releases, working trade shows, blogging and occasionally taking photos. I started dabbling in photography after my first daughter was born. I would play around with my new camera and post photos on facebook, which caused people to become interested in booking shoots. I started offering free shoots, then after a lot of experience, I acquired my DBA and started shooting on the side. Soon after, I created a facebook page and started a blog. In May of 2012 I was able to quit my full time job and pursue photography full time!

Since 2012, my work has been featured in numerous magazines, online blogs and publications.

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The Fun Stuff

If I could describe myself in a few words: creative, passionate, sarcastic, loud, friendly, wild, independent and kind

My maiden name is Trump. No we're not related (praise). 

I named my photography business after my first daughter, Jovie, who I named after a character in the movie "Elf".

My second daughter's name is Colie. I thought I came up with it, but then found out a girl from the Real World had that name.

I want to adopt at least two kids.

I own an awesome business that gives back (yes I already mentioned this, but I figure if I post it twice you'll all go check out our website: )

I also do nails part time at my sister's salon, because what's one more business. (@backwoodsbeautynails on insta)

I also sell the world's best hair care products: Monat (because what's yet another business). Shop at

I am fluent in extreme sarcasm

I have one blood sister, and another sister who is from Brazil.

I love to hunt. I shot my first buck in 2008.

I hate breakfast food. I would rather eat lunch at 7am.

I also hate vegetables. I WILL NOT EAT THEM, which makes me wonder how I'm still alive.

I LOVE to play dress up and design costumes. I would dress up every client if they let me :)

I love to dance. The hardest part of photographing a wedding is not being able to dance, so if you're a potential wedding client and you read this and you love me... then invite me on the dance floor! 

I am a TV addict (and by addict, I mean I get so obsessed I spend my free time looking up every spoiler and detail on the show, the characters and the actors I can find). I have too many favorites to list, but my NUMBER ONE OBSESSION is The 100... I MIGHT have two tattoos from the show...

I wish Harry Potter was real. 

I love to read!

I had 16 bridesmaids in my wedding. 

I won "Most Talkative" my senior year of high school - not much has changed.

I don't drink coffee. I have plenty of energy on my own.

I have 13 tattoos.

I've had every hair color at some point in my life.

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